T.A.G. – The Affordable Groomer

We want to groom your dog!

Grooming should not cost a paw and a tail! At T.A.G. – we will groom your dog for $20.00!

This includes:
* Nail clipping and filing.
* Ears cleaned.
* Two shampoos and conditioner (Spa Treatment included!)
* Dry
* Clip and Style (with a pretty bow or bowtie!).
* Anal Glands expressed.

No hidden costs…no extra charges. No nickel and diming at T.A.G.
Is your dog matted? No extra charge!
Fleas? No extra charge!
Deshedding? No extra charge!

It is really all about your dog. Sometimes we buy a dog and do not realize the amount of grooming and personal attention is needed. We are here for you! We take our time and make sure your puppy is returned to you smelling sweet and looking cute! Before and after shots below!!!

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